Using the innovative technology of Zharkamen® concept will allow the restaurateur to open the new side of gustatory senses from well-known products. Being in contact with natural stone overheated to 400 oС, marbled beef, rack of lamb, tuna are able to surprise the most sophisticated gourmands with rich taste, juiciness and fine consistency.

Entering the restaurant guests should understand that they will enjoy not only the dinner but also an exotic adventure. Outside advertisement, instruction with short recommendations on the tables and exhaustive explanations of the personnel are to make a visit to the restaurant with Zharkamen® concept understandable, comfortable and memorable.

The guests of the restaurant will receive the unique possibility to grill the product by themselves and to cook it up to their taste. The sense of real possibility to manage the cooking process, to keep up the principles of healthy nutrition due to cooking the meals without fats and using the wide range of vegetable garnishes will be kept in memory for a long time and turnthe clients into regular guests.

The statistics show that introducing the new dishes has positive influence onpopularity of the restaurant, on sale of soups, desserts, tea, on average bill amount and on the profitability of the company in general.


Recipe’s example:

Marinade assorted meat

The meal includes three pieces of shish kebab from preliminary marinaded beef, chicken and pork. The total weight is not less than 220 g as such weight allows better control the degree of roasting.

Recommended marinade: 500 ml Indonesian sweet soy sauce KetjapManis, 250 ml Teriyaki Marinade with corn starch, soy sauce and brown sugar that makes icing of caramelization by roasting and 8 pieces of garlic.

Before stringing the slices of meat on skewers you should dry them of marinade droplets’ with paper towels.



Marbled beef for ZHARKAMEN ® concept is better to buy of "choice” category, with a smaller percentage of fat than the “prime” category. The use of additional fat during cooking (roasting) is eliminated, thus the emphasis on the principle of FFC (Fat Free Cooking) is done. If necessary, the output of steaks can be reduced, but not by reducing its’ thickness.

Recipe’s example:

Ribeye (thickedge) marbled beef. Semi-finished product of weight 280 g / 250 g side / sauce 30 g. Served with boiled new potatoes, tomatoes "Black Prince", cucumbers, lettucechard and corn, flavored with balsamic vinegar, and spicy raspberry sauce. 


Recipe’s example:

Tender chicken breast. Semi-finished product of weight 280 g / 250 g side / sauce 30 g. Served with steamed vegetables and potatoes in the form of bochata, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, salad of cabbage and carrots, and sweet and sour sauce.


Fish and seafood

Recipe’s example:

Assorted seafood. Seafood of weight 325 g / 250 g side / sauce 30 g.The dishconsists of tiger shrimps, NZ mussels, squid fillet, tuna and sea devil. Served with steamed vegetables, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves, lemon and tartar sauce.


Taking advantage of ZHARKAMEN® concept, you can surprise the guests of the restaurant with unusual desserts. For example, roasted pineapple and minibananas.

To get the full taste, they are served with fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce and decorated with mint leaves.


Vegetarian meals

For visitors who prefer foods of plant origin, we can recommend fresh vegetables - zucchini, Bulgarian pepper, eggplant, onions and mushrooms, baked on a hot stone.







Additional forms of servicing by using ZHARKAMEN® concept:
Business Lunch. This format ensures visitors of restaurant natural and fresh meal within 5-7 minutes after placing the order. At the same time for serving the medium roasted steak in the traditional work of the restaurant takes about 20-25 minut.
Banquet. By using ZHARKAMEN® concept restaurateur will get an opportunity to serve more visitors within short time, while reducing the number of employed cooks and waiters.
Buffet. This method of service allows guests to choose their own meals, placed in refrigerated display cases or posted in the scaly ice.



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