Flow sheet

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Implementation date:
Dish name:   Rib-eye with side
Equipment for cooking:  Scales, knife,oven, zharkamen
Serving:  Zharkamen on plate with metalic baffler
Time for cooking:
2 min.
Requirements to quality of raw materials:   food raw materials, food products and semi-finished products used for cooking of this dish (product), completely comply with regulations and have conformity certificates and (or) quality assurance.
Ingredient No
Assortment  Gross weight, g
Net weight, g
Cooked product weight, g
Net cost
1 Rib-eye (thick edge)
0,283 0.260 0.260   0

1. Thick edge steak (rib-eye) should be defrosted, excessive fat should be deleted, and slightly beat the steak (with hands).

2. Marinated vegetables should be free from brine, put them random.

3. Put salsa sauce into sauceboat close to marinated vegetables.

4. Cut leek (only green parts) 2 mm thin straws, put into sauceboat, decorate with chili mini.

5. Put Countrylike potate on plate surface, close to leek.

6. Carefully put the stone into a special plate baffler, evenly strew with salt, carefully put steak on the stone.

2 Marinated vegetables*
0,05 0.050 0.050   0
3 Salsa sauce*
0,03 0.030 0.030   0
4 Countrylike potato*
0,1 0.100 0.100   0
5 Leek
0,013 0.010 0.010   0
6 Chili mini
0,002 0.002     0
7 Salt
0,005       0
            0 " * " - sub-receipe
Cooked dish output:

Requirement to decoration, servibg and realization:

Zharkamen temperature by serving not less than 390°С.  

Quality and safety indicators as well as physical-chemical and microbiological indicators, influincing on dish safety, comply with criteria, specified in attachment to GOST Р 50763-2007 «Catering services. Catering products offered to people. General specifications».   

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