During developing the Zharkamen® concept the specialists were trying tocreate a product which would allow increasing the profit rapidly in thermalconditioning process of food products, achieving the unequaled quality of cooked dishes, providing their high nutrition value and minimizing the harmful influence on environment. Now we can ensure everybody that wehave achieved the goal!

Non-usage of open fire, the absence of the oncogenic products of thermaldecomposition of fats, non-usage of toxic abstergents - all mentioned aboveguarantee ecological cleanness of operation of Zharkamen® equipment.



Placement of the equipment

The installation of the Zharkamen® technology does not require a serious reconstruction of working space, because this equipment occupies approximately 1,5 m2 of the place. Also this complex decreases the assignment from traditional equipment of hot shop up to 80 % , notably convectional ovens, overthrow pans, steam-convectional ovens, hotplates and frying machines.

The biggest element of the Zharkamen® concept is electric oven which allocates on a hard working table or special stand and is connected to electricity with Nominal voltage 230 V by triple-lead cable. The working area of the electric oven is divided into three sections, each of them has heating element and thermostat thanks to that fact the energy can be saved because only required quantity of stones can be heated. Up to 90 stones can beheated in the oven at once.





PechOperation and equipment maintenance

It is not difficult to operate the concept and a long training of the personnel is not necessary.

Operating the stones and the preparation of primary products for cooking can be done by ordinary chef.

The main elements are stones which are to be heated up to 400 oС in electricoven within 6-8 hours before the usage. After reaching this temperature the equipment will switch to the energy-saving mode automatically. Sections of the electric oven which are free from the stones after heating can be switched off for energy-saving.

Special porcelain plates on which the stones are placed before serving them and all inventory of the concept can be washed by hands or in a dishwasher.


Our flow sheet.

Goods description and specification
Oven (90 stones)
Oven (32 stones)
1 Electric oven 
Overall dimensions, mm, (LхWхH)
730x940x630 630x645x605
Weight, kg, not more than  105 55
Weight, kg, with full capacity(load), not more than  384 155
Nominal voltage   230 V 230 V
Rated input
4,5 kW 2,0 kW
Rated input in low-power mode 
1,5 kW 0,9 kW
Quantity of heating sections
3 2
Operating life, years, not less than
10 10
2 Natural stone
Weight of each stone, kg, not more than
3,1 3,1
3 Porcelain plate
Overall dimensions, mm, (LхWхH)
445х230х47 445х230х47
Weight, kg, not more than 2,3 2,3
Quantity, pieces 70 32
4 Metal heat baffler, pieces 70 32
5 Oven fork (for extracting the stone), pieces
2 1
6 Oven fork (for washing the stone), pieces
1 1
7 Scraper (for cleaning the stone), pieces
2 1
8 Food serving cart , pieces
At Buyer’s choice
9 Portable infrared thermometer, pieces
1 1
10 Billboard of trade mark
At Buyer’s choice
11 Disposable cooking instruction, pieces
500 500
12 Instructions on operating the concept, pieces
3 3
13 Disposable protection lip with logo for the guest, pieces
At Buyer’s choice


Additional service by delivery of the concept:

Service description and specification
Unit of measuring
1 Installing the equipment
1-2 hours
2 Personnel training by experienced Chef
8 hours
3 Creating the original menu
30 hours

Recommended completion for “Zharkamen” project:

1 Porcelain plate “Zharkamen” with decorative painting
2 Electric oven stand (2-tier, workload up to 500 kg)

Remark: We have possibility to deliver concept (oven for 90 stones) with less quantity of stones – min. 50 stones and 40 plates depending on number of seats in the establishment.

Delivery of “Zharkamen 32-90” concept is included into price for Moscow city and Moscow region. Delivery to other regions have to be paid additionally by Customer and agreed with the Supplier.




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