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 Because of the following!


The idea has been known from antiquity, when the primitive man by chance dropped the mammoth slab of meat on the hot stone and discovered a new world of taste, the world of new sensations. Since that time, people have succeeded in creating diverse equipment for kitchen, having gone all the way from the open fire to the creation of super modern hi-tech equipment. However, the call of ancestors turned out stronger than all tricks and the man returned to the primitive experience of cooking and did return with the concept Zharkamen®!

 Zharkamen® means grilling the meals on the hot stone at the restaurant’s table by the guest himself!

We are presenting to you the unique method of cooking meals, which provides the specialists of restaurant business who are developing projectsor making reorganization of the existing enterprises with new opportunities.

In order to do business more profitably, people need not only special knowledge or a solid team but an original idea as well by using innovative equipment with unique selling point. Zharkamen® just has these unique features.

Zharkamen® technology is based on unique features of natural stone which allow transferring the heat not only by traditional thermal conductivity but also by active infrared light. In this case the stone is like an infrared radiator that provides deep penetration of radiant energy into product and increases the warming-up rate. The stone warmed over 400 oС can keep the high temperature within 45 minutes that is quite sufficient to cook the wide range of dishes from meat, poultry, fish, seafood, minced meat as well as vegetables, fruit and some kinds of cheese.


Dishes cooked by using Zharkamen® technology have great taste, flavor andrich consistence. Thermal conditioning is made without using fats so the dishes are not only tasty but also healthy, low-cal with full guaranty of absence of harmful substances which can arise as a result of thermal fats disintegration.

By using Zharkamen® technology you offer the guests to try an interactive experience in cooking the food on a hot stone by themselves. The wide range of primary products of high quality and self-actualization of each guest in exquisite cooking maintains the fashionable trend of developing restaurant business of the idea not only to feed the guest but to entertain him. The using the personal stone grill will allow making the traditional table fuls different. The climate of competitiveness will bring in the additional attractiveness and give a chance to show the skills and wit during the gastronomic experience to the interested company.

For successful and safety operation of Zharkamen® complex an easy systemof steps to protect the guests from burns and dirty clothes was created.

Advantages of Zharkamen® technology

No doubt the main advantage of the concept is its novelty. The restaurant owners, who are using this technology, point out the high interest of guests in the new principle of service, because the result of their work satisfies not only physiological side but also the creative feature. Unusual gustatory senses, original dish design and possibility to make an experiment based on chosen tasty composition are the essential competitive advantages of the new technology.

The highest and the safetest speed of service

Zharkamen® technology allows servicing up to 90 guests at once and from the moment of the order till serving a dish not more than 10 minutes passes. Complete safety for guests and service staff is achieved due to the well built system of rules of operating the equipment, availability of the required inventory, crockery and appliances, which eliminate the possibility of being injured. Working of the oven without the personnel is acceptable within 24 hours.

 The upper level of loading the stones is not higher than 1,6 m from the floor level. According to the rules of labor protection of European Community this height corresponds to the eye-level of the average employee and allows controlling visually the loading and unloading process.

High profitability and rapid payback

The combination of essential operational characteristics for customer, not ably durability, low-cost for energy, repairability and attractive designconfirms the choice of Zharkamen® equipment.

The approximate period of payback is from 3 to 4 months with the conditionof service of 50 clients per day.

In comparison with other types of heat equipment, including hi-tech ones, operation expenses of Zharkamen® demonstrate its advantages. The economy can be up to 1 million rubles per year if the client turnover is high. 

Maximum simplicity of operation

Totally 10 minutes of work of chef and waiter:

  • to extract the stone from the oven and place it onto the porcelain plate;
  • to extract the main product, garnish, sauce, to serve the pre-cookeddish;
  • to place the dish on the table in front of the guest, and briefly explainto him or her the consistency of steps of cooking on the stone.

Another 15 minutes of work of waiter and dishwashing staff:

  • to take from the client the plate with the stone;
  • to clean, to wash the stone and to load it again into the oven;
  • to wash the plate.





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