The project "Zharkamen" has incorporated the best experts from all over the world in order to adapt the ancient way of cooking to contemporary culture and leisure fashion trends in restaurant industry. Now you have a unique opportunity to roast meat, fish, poultry, seafood, juston your plate. Modern technology has allowed to make this process incredibly simple and safe. Any dish cooked using "Zharkamen" technology will become your personal culinary masterpiece.

"Heart" of the project is a unique stone from volcanic rock that can hold the operating temperature up to 45 minutes. This natural eco-friendly material, allows you to cook tasty and healthy food without using oil and fat. Generated at a temperature of 1200 ° C, the stone has acquired incredible durability, thatallows it to remain intact for a long time.

Having designed a claimed equipment for the restaurant business, "Zharkamen" project did not stop there and developed a global system of supporting of its technology. As a part of the project there was created a technical service support, that solves all kinds of problems with the equipment within short period of time. Also, we have a system menu creating, which satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

We offer to you a finished concept for the restaurant business, while installing the "Zharkamen" technology at a restaurant’s kitchen, we are paying a really great attention to an individual approach to each client and meet all his needs arising from the operation of the equipment.

This new technology in Russia is very popular in the best restaurants in Japan, Europe, USA and other countries all over the world. And now, thanks to "Zharkamen"project, it becomes available for you.

Now our company has a potential of producing the equipment and we can meet the needs of the dealer network.


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